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CONGRATS you found us! we are a secret hard place to find apparently. So well done you!

Please read our bits so you understand where you're staying and what we are offering and

hopefully we are what you're wanting



The Artists Retreat - Kaikoura



SO.. that means there is a new website..


You can stay on here and look around or click the link to go to our new site too.

If you click to make a booking it will send you to the booking site on here (just so you don't get confused) I just keeping it in the 1 place so no double bookings until the Cubby House booking one is all completed.

by booking direct with us saves us both money in fees!

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Why change names to the Cubby House Stay? 

Just like when you were a kid in your cubby, fort, playhouse you thought it had everything. 

Well welcome to the grown up version!

Equipped with everything you will need or want just like home.

Cubby House Stay is a fully furnished house - we are unique and its a bit quirky and no-one else has our views! 

We don't just have views during the day - we have them 24/7 as we look back to Kaikoura's 

 twinkling skyline and also don't forget to look up as there are plenty of stars too!

If you are after a brand new hotel/motel modern in town stay - well, sorry we aren't what your looking for!

And remember to get town views you obviously need to be out of town-  its only 8 minutes!

We are offering a comfortable, cozy, quirky and memorable stay in your very own private,

2 storey, 3 bedroom timber house perched on our own little hill amongst the trees with some friendly farm animals as well.

We have the best of both country and town as we are conveniently located 

a scenic 8 minutes drive north of all town's attractions on offer and the serenity and quiet of farm life.

We are also a perfect base for those wanting to travel slightly further out

 to be able explore some of the surrounding districts attractions too.

If your travelling by yourself, a couple, a group of people or a family look no further!

You have the whole house to yourself  for the duration of your stay.

We are ideal for any length of stay you will need:

 A quick night stay when passing through Kaikoura,

a mid week stay for a night or two, (or three or four),

a weekend away to recharge, 

or a longer stay to experience everything Kaikoura and the surrounds has to offer.

Whatever length of stay you are having you'll still be wishing you booked to stay a bit longer!

Everyone seems to be in agreement that a minimum 2 night stay in 

Kaikoura is best especially if booking any marine activities as adverse sea and weather conditions

sometimes occur and a trip may have to be postponed.

The extra day will help with flexibility to reschedule if needing to.

 Our property consists of our house which is 50m away up the driveway, the accomm house and a few 

 friendly farm animals that you can also come pat and feed.

Sheep, Cows, Goats, Kune Pigs , Pekin Ducks, Runner Ducks, Chickens,

Turkeys, Guinea Fowl  and a wandering Peacock plus a bird aviary.

Hopefully we have some little baby animals that you can bottle feed depending on the season.

Our friendly pet animals are our Groodle dog Merle, Bengal cat Dorothy

and Kelpie working dog Bell..

The Cubby House is made mainly from recycled materials,

has everything you need to make sure you are comfortable - if you have read this well....

just stay you will love it!

You won' t be disappointed with choosing to stay here!

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