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Cubby House Stay  Kaikoura

We have finally decided on - Cubby House Stay - Kaikoura

We think this reflects everything that you want in a stay.

When you where a kid your cubby, fort, playhouse had everything you ever wanted or needed, 


So, please like and follow our new page on 

Facebook, Instagram to keep up to date with what is going on around the place.

Hopefully you can book direct now through these as well! 

If booking via FB or Insta just click the time you expect to arrive.

Our new website is live - bookings will still be able to be made through this site via the link etc.

I know confusing - but its just the background bits Im still trying to work on and keep running under both names for a little bit..

The logo is about to change names,  and Cubby House Stay is live on Facebook and Instagram.

So please like, follow and share away.

Still a few bits to be done but we are getting there - S L O W L Y!  

Our name is changing to......

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